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Dark Tales from the Den

 Dona Fox


Find within seventeen unsettling tales that will ooze under your skin, cozy little tales that twist slowly strange and violent-delightfully dark. There’s a mean doll, a box full of bones-and newspaper clippings, a bank robbery gone horribly wrong-for almost everyone. Daddy’s last train, and the train Uncle Frank catches again and again, a haunted carousel that sparks up the night, an alien abduction, a meeting with the evil Lilith. Foxes. A girl you wouldn't want to meet in a bar-if you value your ink, a drug of the future with certain finality about it. Many graves dug, barns to die in, and ghosts and more ghosts. Seep into this book.

"Dona Fox had me with her first story, 'Smoky Martini.' Creepy and atmospheric, it sets the stage for Dark Tales from the Den, her new collection of shorts. My favorites, along with 'Smoky Martini,' were 'Crawlspace'--suitably claustrophobic and disturbing--and the devastating 'Grace at the End.' Fox shows her deft hand for creating atmosphere and mood in these 18 shorts. Very much recommended!-

John F.D. Taff, Bram Stoker-Nominated Author of The End in All Beginnings.

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