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The Failing God

failgodfront2The Failing God
by Mike Jansen

First in the Cranborn Chronicles, a five part Epic Fantasy series.

Three mercenaries, Grim, Gray and Thoreld, are on the run from an ancient evil and in their wake prophecies crumble and long dormant conflicts resurface. The Failing God is the first part in a five novel epic dark fantasy series

With a spine-tingling crackling sound, the corpse of old King Torazan straightened and spoke to the three mercenaries: "Beware of the Absent Light!" The wind blew again and the king slowly crumbled until nothing was left but a pile of ashes, bones and ancient tatters of clothing lying on the throne, with two huge, gleaming, blood-red gems atop the pile. An unnatural silence fell; the three men waited by the flickering light of the lamp for something more to happen.
After a few minutes, Grim grew impatient. "Well, that’s clear enough," he said, "now we’re stuck in this cave instead of him."

“The Failing God is an outstanding epic fantasy, highly recommended.” – Fantasywereld.nl

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