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Best Of JWK 2013

front-smallThe things that go 'bump' in the night, the rustling under the bed, the darkness that looks back at you and the whispers that haunt you day and night. It's in here, all of it.

During 2013 JWK Fiction brought you intense horror from established authors and rising stars. To celebrate a successful year, JWKfiction brings you the highlights of the year in this collection. Frankly, we're showing off. We're proud to work with these great authors and the beautifully horrific stories they have provided us.

But that's not all, folks!! Many more books have seen the light of day in the past weeks, so here's an overview if you're looking for a few good, scary reads:

 JWKfiction New Publications

cover-front-mini-nsfts coverfrontmini deathsdisc-mini haunthall nostalgia-mini

coverfrontminiDemonic Possession

Danger. Demons involved. Tread lightly, and carry a big cross. Reports of strange occurrences have been reported by those that have read this anthology...

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