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City of Steam

newavalonNew Avalon

Love and Loss in the City of Steam

New Avalon is a city filled with stories. They stain every brick, and echo in every doorway. The best stories aren't found out where anyone might trip over them, though. The good ones are found down dark alleys and in hidden alcoves, washed up on night time shores and for sale in midnight markets. These are the secret hearts of the City of Steam, and like all the best secrets they fill you up while leaving you wanting more.

Come and take a tour of a place where everyday miracles and personal damnations walk hand-in-hand. A place where the light of modern science burns bright enough to cast shadows you can fall into. Plumb the mysteries of the Grates, and see what horrifying, beautiful secrets linger in the steam-shrouded souk. If you look closely you'll be able to find true love for pennies, only slightly damaged in Love is a Broken Clock. Walk the moonlit streets of Headsman's Wharf, and hear a heartbreaking ghost story that may or may not be true in The Legend of Black Jack Guillotine.

Maybe you'd prefer a flight of fancy? Then listen closely to the story of a maiden voyage of a very different kind in Flight of Icarus. Ten tales of love and loss grace these pages; ten secret stories hidden in quiet niches and saved for the truly curious. Those who will accept no substitute, and who want the real thing.

Be warned, when flowers grow in the City of Steam they may not be quite what you expect.

 Meet Neal F. Litherland


Neal F. Litherland is a Northwest Indiana author whose work runs the gamut from high fantasy to Cthonian horror. New Avalon is the first book to feature his work alone, but it will not be the last. For updates on his new projects and news on appearances go to his author blog The Literary Mercenary at www.nealflitherland.blogspot.com.

The Literary Mercenary - www.nealflitherland.blogspot.com



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