29 -November -2023 - 12:12

Meet our new associate editor

Associate Editor Krista Clark Grabowski

KristaA few years ago I reached a point in my life where, although I had a decent and secure job with a large and successful company, I wasn’t satisfied. I knew something was missing. I asked myself those questions that are supposed to help us identify our passion. “What is it that I always do? What activity occupies my mind? When I have down time and the choice to do anything, what do I choose?” The answer to those questions was reading and writing, so I began actively searching out ways I could pursue both in a more professional manner. I had no clue what I was doing.

I read everything about improving my writing skills that I could get my hands on, and then wrote and wrote and wrote. I discovered book review sites. I met indie authors and began reading their work. I have loved every second of it and am glad I asked myself those questions.

Since then I’ve created, maintained, and closed down a blog I had under a pen name, had one short story published by JWK Fiction, have edited or co-edited some books for JWK Fiction, and have multiple stories that have not yet been published. I’m very proud of my latest co-editing work, “Terror Train”, which I co-edited with A. Henry Keene.

I’m passionate about reading, writing, and editing. I love working with authors to help them make their good story even better. There is no feeling like the one I get when an author thanks me for providing them guidance that makes their work shine. I’ve met some wonderful people on this journey and the moments I know I contributed in any way to their joy are priceless.

I have only just begun. 2014 has been incredibly productive and we’re only half way there. I write crime/thriller/dark fiction and the last half of the year will be at least as productive as the first half and will include the publication of some of my stories and some other things I have lurking in the back of my mind.

You can currently find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Here is the short list of my work to date. Believe me, it will grow quickly.



Daddy’s Girl: Indiana Horror Review 2013, JWK Fiction



Red Triangle by Jason Wolfgang Gehlert: 2014, JWK Fiction

Nostalgia by Justin Hunter: 2014, JWK Fiction

Death’s Disciples by Robert Holt: 2014, JWK Fiction

Terror Train horror anthology, co-edited with A. Henry Keene: 2014 JWK Fiction

Currently co-editing Cellar Door III: Animals with John Ledger and Todd Banks, JWK Fiction

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