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Red Triangle Cover for Kindle

Red Triangle

Jason Gehlert


Jason Gehlert's Red Triangle is a hit on all sixes. Plotted at a madman's pace, yet filled with characters drawn honestly and with true depth, Gehlert's book is a real gem. Come for the sharks, come for the blood, but stay for the surprises Gehlert has in store. Red Triangle will make you afraid of the water once again. I couldn't put it down." -Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Savage Dead and Dog Days

Madness Inherent

Aurelio Rico Lopez III


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"Aurelio Rico Lopez III's work delivers a deep bite into the meat of the story. Hard-hitting, passionate and intelligenthorror is served up fresh and ready from this writer's mind. Get a seat at the table and dig in!"

– Angeline Hawkes, Bram Stoker Award nominated writer of The Commandments, Scavengers, and Sorrow Creek



James Ward Kirk Fiction is proud to announce publication of Children & Other Wicked Things by Scathe meic Beorh. A child’s imagination is where horror is born. This collection of flash fiction, short stories and the novella “Pinprick” reminds us of the monsters under our beds, why the closet doors must be closed tight, and why children are not to be trusted. April M. Reign, author of The Dhellia Series, says, “Each story I read sent chills down my spine—if not because they were scary then because they were a familiar memory within my own childhood. I hung onto every word he wrote, stepped into the story itself and held on until the story ended. I loved it!”


JWK Splatterpunk Saints Anthology





bones2-cf-smallThere are bones of the dead everywhere, and they’re sharp. Under your feet as you walk across your yard, in the cement of buildings, under the foundation of your home, in the coffee you drink, in the food you eat. Science estimates 100 billion human beings have lived and died. There are bones everywhere. There are skeletons everywhere, from universities to unnamed places we really don’t want to know about. We love skeletons as we are walking skeletons. There’s an old phrase about skeletons in the closet. What if the skeleton in your closet is real? When we look at strangers, friends and family we fail to see the skull behind the face. And the eyes of skulls are dark and deep.

These works of art, poetry and short stories cut deep.

To the bone.

smallfrontCellar Door... Linguists call it the most beautiful phrase in the English language based solely on the way it sounds. But as you can imagine, what it represents may be something far more sinister. In a spectacular display of poetry, artwork, fiction, and photography, the talent of fifty contributors is showcased within these pages. Voices from behind cellar doors all over the world come together in unison to whisper in your ear...can you hear them? Are they knocking on your cellar door?

Edited by James Ward Kirk, each piece in this anthology has a beautiful title intrinsically connected to the tale that follows, and a door will be the common theme which connects the widely varied styles, genres, and stories told. Will you take your chances and find what's lurking behind your cellar door?

This second volume of tales continues the tradition: Words of Beauty, Tales of Terror.

Memonto Mori Cover for Kindle

Memento Mori

Death is inevitable. This collection of art, poetry, flash fiction and short stories address the fact that death is inevitable. The manner of death and the why is important, as is the consequences, before and during the process of death. And what happens after death? Nothing? Everything? Or is it somewhere in between? Remember that we will die. Death is inevitable.





Ophelia in My Arms

Oopheliafrontsmallphelia in My Arms: This is New Fantasy. This is New Horror. This is New Science Fiction. This is redirection and digression and, though difficult to locate, hope—but the kind of hope which looks up to the heavens for angels and finds them perched on the walls of old stone cathedrals.

--Scathe meic Beorh

















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