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JWK Fiction Horror Sampler

minifhsGet to know us. Seriously. Since 2011 James Ward Kirk Fiction has published dozens of themed anthologies, novels and single-author anthologies, from an international cast of exciting new authors as well as established names in the field.

So get to know us, for we have stories to tell and sights to show you. Accompany us on this journey into the horrific unknowns and the exploration of the outer –as well as the inner- darkness. Delve into the minds of serial killers, grave robbers and psychotic clowns and find out why your neighbor’s smile does not bode well.

Yes, do get to know us. We’ll make it easy for you. Just, literally, take this sampler. Get it as a real book at a rock bottom price or download it from any ebook retailer, for free.

Now the nights lengthen and invite you to sit or lie down to relax, with a good book. Enjoy -with that nice glass of Chianti- the stories in this Horror Sampler.

Indianapolis, 2015

James Ward Kirk

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