29 -November -2023 - 10:57

JWK Fiction works diligently year round to bring you the best new anthologies and novels by great new and established writers.

Below an overview of the works that have been published recently:


DarkerTalesKindlesmall Whistleblower Cover for Kindle small Ugly Babies 3 Ghos Cover for Kindle small The Last Train Home Cover for Kindle small A Cold Dish Cover for Kindle small
surreal small shadowfall small LaDcoversmall Indiana Horror Review small Hidden small
tt2 toys in the attic rufus ebook cover NEVER enough Tomorrows front Kindle gr goth
gr100x150 Southpaw Front Cover for Kindle They Front Crop WC ICR2014-100x150 OnlyTheGoodBurnBright
The World on Fire small Solo Circus small CDhell2-small Bones III small Death Anxiety small
bones2-cf-micro abomination-micro sw-micro microfront micro-ub2
ffront-small ihr2013-micro thumb-oph thumb-cd dsoo2
4ghosts crcl ubfront harlow thumb-sftr
thumb-bones thumb-byh thumb-caowt thumb-sf thumb-sktt
frontsmall GR hellsmall sk2 poefront

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